Oval lampshade - ring only 15x10 cm

  • OVALES NUS - Carcasses, Squelettes Abat-Jours

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For your lampshades! Available in a multitude of different sizes!

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How to make a lampshade?

You need:

  • 9 or 10 pongee per meter
  • a carcass
  • scissors
  • polyphane (double flexible plastic with an adhesive side)
  • glue tape
  • arasilk or marabu silk heat-set silk paint
  • tube setting

The lampshade assembly is quite technical, but with a little patience and following the instructions, it is not complicated.

  1. Measure the length and width of your polyphane to do this, calculate the perimeter of your carcass, as a reminder: P = π x D. Then measure your width.
  2. Make a polyphane rectangle with these measurements , then, make a rectangle of silk, counting 1cm more on the contours.
  3. Fix your silk to a notched frame with 3-point thumbtacks.
  4. Draw the pattern of your choice on the pre-set then paint your silk with the arasilk paint.
  5. Once dry, iron your silk for 5 min so that the color sets on the silk.
  6. Glue your silk to the polyphane. To do this, remove the protective film little by little and carefully apply the silk, taking care not to crease.
  7. Now that your polyphane is ready, you can stick it on your carcass. To do this, glue a width of your rectangle of polyphane using the glue tape, then wrap the end around the metal carcass.
  8. Glue the 2 lengths and roll up your carcass.
  9. Create a clean edge on the width by gluing the edge and folding the fabric over the glue. Then glue the edge with the opposite edge.
  10. Fold back the protruding tang encompassing the metal structure to achieve a beautiful finish of your lampshade. In order to avoid small "waves", you can also notch your fabric before folding it back.
  11. Congratulations, you have made a great custom lampshade!

Information about this product:

  • Several sizes available
  • White paint
  • Nude Oval

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