Pre-set painting card

Find, in this category, our magnificent cards to paint and t pre-set scarves.

The cards to paint will allow beginners to practice!
Test the different reactions of the paints and obtain a sublime result</strong > thanks to the pre-drawn illustrations.

Create your own model of scarf by choosing the colors without the tedious work of setting.

Ideal as a gift!

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Pre-set scarves

Pre-set scarves are silk scarves (pongee 09) on which a design is drawn in black setting.

The floss is white so you can color it.

If you are beginner in painting on silk, you will be able to test your paintings and their reactions.
Test effects on small surfaces to familiarize yourself with the material.

Many models

  • Choose from our 4 collections.
  • Discover Japanese, Savannah, Aztec patterns...Dozens of different patterns for more creativity!
  • The outlines are black and the silk is always white.
  • Only the contours of the design are visible, which allows complete freedom in the choice of colors.
  • Several sizes are available (60x40cm, 55x55cm, 45x140cm, 74x71cm,…)

Give your pre-set aunique look!

With the same model, create different styles by simply varying the shades.

How to use pre-crimped scarves?

  • Prepare your colors and mixes.
  • Apply the colors directly in the "shapes" of the setting design.
  • Apply the color carefully along the lines, being careful not to protrude from the setting.

Why choose pre-crimped scarves?

  • Very practical for beginners to become familiar with painting on silk
  • The number of possible renderings is infinite thanks to the variety of usable colors

Cards to paint

The cards to be painted arepre-set. You will be able to practice and tame silk painting.

The contours of the designs have been made with a pale gold water-based setting.

The color will flow only within the limits defined by the setting (do not apply the color too close to the edge so that it does not overflow the setting).

Many models

  • Each paintable card kit contains 5 silk pre-sets of 10x15 cm, 5 cards and 5 envelopes.
  • Available in 5 variants: Lily pack, Poppy pack, Sunflower pack, Christmas pack, Animal pack.

Practice creating gradients or other effects in the largest blank areas!

Also test water auxiliaries such as anti-fusant, thickener, wax, etc.

How to use silk painting cards?

  • Select your colors.
  • From the start of the application, you will notice that the paint melts. So don't paint too close to the edges, the paint will spread on its own.
  • Once started, apply color quickly to prevent areas from starting to dry out.
  • When finished, allow to air dry.
  • When dry to the touch, fix with iron or oven. Iron the card upside down without steam for 5 minutes (or using an intermediate cloth between iron and paint) or put the card in the oven at 130°C for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • When the silk is cool, stick the design on the front of the card.

Why Choose Silk Painting Cards?

  • Getting started with silk painting and familiarizing yourself with its use
  • The models made make a beautiful decoration or great gift ideas
  • Different models are available

Questions about pre-sets?

Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions by email or by phone.

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