Fimo Liquid

Liquid Fimo gel is a gel that will allow you a multitude of techniques!
You can use it to create but also to protect your creations. The Fimo gel is transparent after cooking in the household oven, and has a beautiful shine. Discover it now on

What is Liquid Fimo used for?

The Transparent Liquid Fimo is used for several techniques such as image transfer, embedding and decoration on the glass. It is very flexible and of a beautiful transparency after cooking. Fimo Liquid can also be used as glue for your polymer creations. To discover!

Available in 50ml and 200ml bottles.

Several techniques

The Liquid Fimo gel will be used, after hardening in the oven, for:
- Transfer photocopied images (colors or black and white) and drawings
- Protect your Fimo Classic and Soft creations in a waterproof way
- Be mixed with paint in oil or powder to create color effects

Liquid Fimo must be baked in the oven for 20 minutes at 130°C.

Tips for use

For a photocopy transfer:
Apply a 2mm layer of Liquid Fimo on your photocopy, taking care to apply beyond the edges.
Bake for 20 minutes in a traditional oven, preheated to 130°C.
Immediately remove the copy when it is still hot and admire the result!
Your copy will be transferred to the fired Fimo. This one has turned into flexible and translucent plastic.
You will have to stick your creation on the one of your choice.

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