Extra fine watercolor

Extra-fine watercolor is a watercolor with a high concentration of pigments. It is recommended for professionals. The grinding of the pigments is very fine, which gives intense colors.

The binder of the extra-fine watercolor is premium quality gum arabic, which will give your watercolors bright and shiny tones!

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Composition of the extra-fine watercolor

The watercolor is composed of:

  • Pigments
  • Binder
  • Additives

In the case of extra fine watercolour, the pigment is finely ground, giving your color more intensity.

The binder is gum arabic, which will give the luminous side of your watercolour.

The adjuvant prevents the paint from flaking off when it dries. In the case of extra-fine watercolors, the most common combination is: honey + glycerin, or just honey.

Watercolour is diluted with water.

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