Gedeo clay

Pébéo clay is a self-hardening clay of good quality. It is recommended to knead the clay before starting work. Air dry after 4-5 days.

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  • It is recommended to knead the clay before starting work.
  • If during processing the dough loses plasticity, to recover it, just slightly moisten your hands. Can also be cast (we recommend plaster moulds) and turned on a potter's wheel.
  • To join 2 pieces of clay together, scratch the parts to be joined with a spatula or a punch beforehand and moisten with a brush using a slip (clay mixed with beforehand with water until a liquid texture is obtained). In the case of joints in the form of an angle, reinforce the union with the help of a small roller of clay, extending it along the angle and then pressing and smoothing the union with a spatula.< /li>
  • To join 2 already dry pieces, use conventional glue. It is not recommended to join a dry part with a wet part since the joint will crack due to contraction during the drying of the wet part.
  • To smooth and polish surfaces obtaining a very clean finish, use a damp sponge. It is possible to achieve with optimal results, massive objects or very thin walls.
  • To create hollow objects, it is possible to use rigid or flexible supports.

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