Micro Mesh water-based abrasive cloth - 7.5 x 15 cm 2400 Regular

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Want to make your creations super shiny in no time? Try the water-based abrasive cloths Micromesh. You will not be able to do without it!

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Thanks to Micromesh abrasive cloths, your surfaces will be ultra shiny. These canvases are of incomparable precision for an extraordinary precise brilliant rendering.

Micromesh is very easy to use

Its flexible canvas is coated with a layer of latex then covered with a flexible glue containing silicon carbide and aluminum oxide crystals. Micromesh keeps its performance up to 15 times longer than other abrasives.
The friction of these abrasive cloths also produces less heat than its competitors.

Micromesh fabrics do not tear like paper, they are resistant and flexible. Their flexibility makes it possible to sand complex parts with precision. No need to press hard when sanding, the abrasive micro-balls of the Micromesh are designed to uniform surfaces effortlessly.

Fine-grained abrasive cloths wear out less quickly than coarse-grained ones because their grains are more numerous and less stressed.

How to do it?

Fill a container with clear water to which you have added a little washing-up liquid or liquid soap.

Dip your creation and / or your Micromesh canvas in it and sand in small regular circles. No need to press very hard.

Always start with the largest grain and gradually decrease the grain size (do not go too quickly from a coarse grain to a fine grain, this will not give a good result).

Once your finish is complete, rinse your canvases with clean water and let them air dry. Separate your canvases well during drying so that they do not stick together. If this happens to you, soak the stuck on canvas in water until you can gently peel them off without damaging them.

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