Gédéo Bio Crystal Resin Kit - Pébéo 150 ml

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Discover the transparent, shiny and solid crystal resin from Gédéo! This resin is ideal for casting in molds or on edged supports. Itwill perfectly protect your creations.

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What is Pébéo's Biorganic Resin Crystal Kit?

Two-component epoxy resin system: 50% biobased resin** and hardener (**biobased carbon represents on average 50% of the total carbon present in the resin)

Gédéo's crystal resin kit is a kit that will allow you to cast and give relief to your creations. Its liquid texture is ideal for pouring into molds or edged supports, inclusions and even as a protective varnish. You can easily include small elements in your resin, such as plants, pearls, sequins,...

Large formats will allow you to resin large surfaces such as canvases or frames.

Once hard, the resin will not withstand prolonged contact at temperatures above 50°C or below 0°C.

How to use Bio Gédéo crystal resin?

  • Work on a flat surface.
  • In a clean, dry container, pour 1 dose of crystal B hardener then 2 doses of crystal A resin.
  • Mix the two components well. It is important that the 2 components are mixed homogeneously. Be careful, too vigorous a mixture could cause bubbles to appear.
  • The total mixing and waiting time before pouring must not exceed 10 minutes. Pour the entire prepared mixture onto/into the support of your choice.
  • Thickness of casting: up to 2 cm thick.
  • Allow to dry away from dust. Setting is gradual and variable depending on the ambient temperature.

Product information:

  • Setting time: Surface: 12h / Deep: 24h
  • Transparent, shiny and strong
  • Casting thickness: up to 2 cm thick
  • Cleaning tools before setting: With a dry cloth (brushes, spalters, spatulas) and 70° alcohol (commercially available) or hydroalcoholic gel.

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