Super Sculpey

In the world of modeling, Super Sculpey polymer clay is used for prototype action figures, in the world of animated film as well as for detailed models, dolls and sculptures. The Super Sculpey comes in 4 families: Original, Firm, Medium Blend and Living Doll.

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Once your creation is finished, put it in a household oven, preheated to 130°C (+/- 15 minutes per 6 mm thickness).

Once fired, you can engrave, drill or sand it.

You can also paint it with acrylic paint or make a mold to reproduce your sculptures.

Super Sculpey Original

Super Sculpey Original polymer clay is a reference in the field of modeling for the creation of figurine prototypes.

The texture of Super Sculpey polymer clay allows very precise work and easy modeling due to its flexibility.< /span>

After cooking, its beige color becomes slightly translucent. This mimics the glow of the skin.

You can then paint it with acrylic paint or make a mold to reproduce your sculptures.

Super Sculpey Firm

Supe Sculpey Medium Blend polymer clay is the perfect blend of Super Sculpey® and Super Sculpey® Firm.

The texture and firmness of Super Sculpey Firm polymer clay is a reference in the field of modeling. It is perfect for both amateurs and professionals.

Thanks to its texture, you will be able to carry out fine and very precise work.
Its firmness allows you to maintain the shapes you give to your creations and to sculpt, carve details and complex patterns.
Its flexibility makes it easy to create, shape and mix your pieces.

Its gray tint will make it easier for you to work on volumes and take pictures of your creations (models, figurines, etc.).

It is very malleable and very resistant and allows you to create intricate and detailed structures that last.

For intricate creations, Super Sculpey Medium Blend polymer clay allows you to use additive manufacturing methods that focus on creating shapes in small increments for a detailed finished product.</p >

Once you knead it, Medium Blend is highly malleable and you can mix it easily. Use it in molds or mix it with other polymer clays.

Due to its flexible texture, it reduces your sanding time.

Once cooked, Super Sculpey Medium Blend is unbreakable and resistant.

Super Sculpey Medium Blend

Super Sculpey Medium Blend polymer clay is the perfect blend between Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm.

Firm and flexible at the same time, Super Sculpey Medium Blend is a high quality polymer clay.

Super Sculpey's Medium Blend polymer clay is perfect for creating all kinds of shapes for a unique result.

Whether you are working on small figurines, sculptures or special pieces for your cosplay costumes, Super Sculpey Medium Blend polymer clay will suit you perfectly.

Medium Blend is a high quality polymer clay, the most firm and the most flexible on the market.

Super Sculpey Living Doll

Super Sculpey Living Doll polymer clay is a professional quality clay.
It is easy to mix, mold and its texture is soft and firm.

Its finish is semi-transparent after firing, which makes it ideal for creating dolls and small characters.

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